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Here in this site, are books that will satisfy the cravings of your soul. The “Stories of the Prophets” will engage not only the children but also the grown-ups as one is mesmerized by the lives they have lived. There are also books from our Ustadz Said Nursi which were extracted from the Risale-i Nur collection that will give the reader a taste of his deep contemplations on the words of Allah (Azza wal Jal).

These books are engaging to the heart and soul. They are life-changing.

About Us

Philnur is derived from the words Philippines and the Arabic word, “nur” meaning Light.

At Philnur, we believe that reading illuminates hearts with God’s Light. In the fulfillment of Allah (Azza wa Jal) commandment to the Beloved Prophet (pbuh), we aim to see a world that loves to read and to produce a breed of enlightened readers in the Philippines that will affect Light to everyone.

Our goal is to provoke the minds of the young and the advanced with the power of letters and words in the Miraculous Qur’an and the Lustrious Shari’ah and propel action for a better world.

We join the call of every Muslim Filipino in discovering the beauty of Islam and the Islamic principles to live by, day-in and day-out.

Eternal Publication is the publication arm of the Risale-i Nur Institute of the Philippines. Most of our books are taken from the tafsir (Qur’anic commentaries) of Ustadz Bediuzzaman Said Nursi.

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